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Web development is a broad term, and it covers all aspects concerned with the developing of a website. Among these areas, there is web design, which takes up most of the development work. Web development incorporates a lot of design work, both on a visual and on a technical aspect. In most cases, the technical aspect of web design is considered as the programming, which is inaccurate, considering that it is part of the design architecture. The visual aspects of design, which present a completed layout rich in color is not as complicated, but when it comes to integrating applications which further enhance the appeal, a certain level of complexity has to be reached.

In web design, the first step is usually the establishment of a framework for the websites. In other words, an information network is established, where things such as navigations systems which include menus and sitemaps are put in place. This is done at the same time when the layout of the website is being created. The layout has to be given a lot of thought because in most cases, it is consistent throughout the website. The overall theme chosen for the site will not only apply to the home page, but the content pages as well, with the only difference arising being page length, amount of content, graphic details, but not the overall layout of the page. There are times when designers develop a different design for individual pages, but this is often much work, and costs a lot more in the end.

Web design has an emphasis on the styling of the website. While it initially covered more technical aspects like programming, these have been excluded, as their growth would have been limited if they were included under web design all through. There has been tremendous growth in web design as it is, as internet users are continually in demand for more complex, yet functional designs which not only integrate heightened aesthetic qualities, but also easier navigation structures for the information presented on the website. Web designers are also responsible for setting up the communication design for the website. If there is a need for live customer support which is interactive, the web designer works with the web developer to make this a possibility. This will make use of some complex languages, and that is why a web designer needs to have more than graphic design knowledge on a visual aspect only. They need to understand the working of JavaScript, multimedia technologies such as Flash and Ajax.

Web design is a big part of web development, arguably the biggest, which explains why some web developers choose to be addressed as website designers, as that opens up more doors than simply being referred to as web developers. There is the need of learning the technical and non-technical parts of web design, as well as all the complexities that surround website development, which are not part of web design. The abundance of courses both online and offline means that gaining the needed knowledge is not too difficult.

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