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Web development has become increasingly easier over the least few years with so many systems and programs being offered, and sometimes without a price tag to them. Systems such as Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP have pioneered an age where website creation is a less difficult task than it used to be. The overall expense associated with the process has drastically reduced as well, to a manageable proportion, where $1500 can get you a fully functional site, although deficient of complexity and high levels of customization. For the sites desiring more features, there are web development tools that have to be taken advantage of.

Security concerns are always raised for sites where login in is required. To ensure that there are no bots trying to get access to a site, you can have CAPTCHA systems which can tell humans and bots apart. Admittedly, CAPTCHA entry is annoying, so it is not used in every part where access is needed. It’s most frequently used where there are login errors recorded, or where form filling is involved. The use of CAPTCHA ensures that there are no automated messages sent, and this reduces spamming. For registration, you could include a password validation tool that measures the strength of a password, and offers recommendations. This tool is important in giving subscribers or registering members a sense of security in knowing that the password they have created is strong, and thus very difficult to hack.

If the site is in need of a search tool, simply availing it is not enough. It should offer something extra, like auto-completion. This utilizes Ajax, and it gives the user a suggestive list based on the letters that they have keyed in, into the search box. There are auto-complete tools that offer a little aesthetic appeal and these usually cost more due to the more complex designing needed. Responsiveness has to be guaranteed when this tool is availed, as it would otherwise defeat its purpose of speeding up the searching process. Ajax can also be used to incorporate calendars into the site. These are important when dates need to be searched. It’s a tasking process manually entering a date, especially when there is a format that need to be adhered to. But with an integrated calendar, the whole process becomes a lot easier. The complexity of the calendar depends on the kind of tools used to create it.

If a website has an alignment to photography, there should be useful tools offered to make the viewing experience a lot more pleasurable. For instance, a zooming tool can be offered, image resize tool, image cropping tool, and even an image slideshow. These are highly welcome, but under the condition that the speed of operation remains fast. Generally speaking, web development tools should not affect the speed at which the site operates, when variables such as fast internet are guaranteed. That’s why tests need to be carried out repeatedly to ensure that the tools are functional with different browsers, and that they retain an appropriate speed.

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