An introduction to WordPress plugins

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If you know about WordPress, you probably have heard the term plugins over and over again. Perhaps you may not know much or even anything about them especially if you are new to WordPress. No need to worry though because this is why this article is here for you. If you have been considering trying out this marvelous open source, simple and flexible platform for your website or blog but were held back by not having enough knowledge on plugins, then it is time to start because by the time you are done reading this article, you will know what exactly what plugins you need for your site, where to get them and how to use them.

As mentioned above, WordPress is an open source CMS system that makes use of plugins. So what exactly are these plug-ins? Well, plugins are just simple software packages or scripts that serve to extend the functionality of the WordPress platform further than the default settings installed by the developers. WordPress on its own will offer you just the basics of a site but with the plugins, you can come up with a CMS system.

How do you get these plugins to function on your site? The answer is simple; you only need to install them from your plug-in administration area on your WordPress site. The process of installing is simple and fully automated and you may never need to install them manually unless you are using premium plugins which are explained below. You can do the installation directly from the plug-in directory hosted by WordPress or from an upload in the backend of WordPress.
Generally, there are two types of plugins that you will come across in WordPress. These are premium plugins mentioned above and freely available plugins. Freely available plugins are just that; freely available. They are numerous on the internet and can easily be searched for using the relevant keywords.

They are also available on WordPress directory on the platform. Premium listings on the other hand are available on their own their own in online markets or shopping carts. As the name suggests, you will have to pay a little to access them. Premium plugins have been necessitated by the need for extra functionalities on your WordPress site that are not basic. These are for example the need to clone your WordPress installations or code tweaks. More often than not, the need for the functionality exceeds the money paid to get it so they are doing well in the business world.
What is amazing about plug-ins is their ability to transform your WordPress site into a separate and functional system far more beyond the original platform for example, adding a shopping cart or membership site plug-in to your WordPress site can transform your WordPress site from a static site to a marketing site with lots of sales or a membership website. Generally, there is no limit on what to use your WordPress site for as long as you get the right and specific plug-in for the job, even if you might have to pay a little more for it.

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