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WordPress application set up can be accessed online from various websites. In fact, most bloggers install their wordpress applications from the internet. They get to reputable sites which are secure and download the setup files. When they are downloaded, the files can be installed manually or automatically. Manual installation takes five minutes to finish. One of the major advantages of the manual install is that it can be customized according to preference. This can only be done by intermediate and advanced wordpress website developers who can manipulate the set up setting the way they would like them to be. Customization allows developers to add to remove some of the settings from the set up file. These changes are effected to either make work easier to develop sophisticated settings on the wordpress website.

If you are a newbie in the field of wordpress development, there is a high possibility that you do not know more than the basics in this procedure. It would be hard to make such customizations and other advanced settings. In this case, you would prefer to go for the automatic installation package. Automatic installation installs components considered essential but not advanced. The settings provide the basic functions for configuring wordpress website. There are two most commonly used automatic installers; Softaculous and Fantastico. These applications are accessed through the control panel of the host home page.

Installation of these two applications cannot start unless you have received login details from the host company after ordering. You login using the details to the control panel where you access the tow applications under software/services icon. When you click on the software and services icon, you get an array of icons for different purposes. Look for the Fantastico icon and open it. You will see the tab blog on the left hand side, open it and click on the installation link on the wordpress overview. There are details that you have to fill and then submit the application which finalises the installation within a few minutes.

The procedure for installing Softaculous also starts by login to the control panel where the Softaculous tab is found. You will find blog under this which you can collapse to access wordpress option. Clicking on the wordpress tab provides an installation tab which you click and fill in the details requested. Installation process ends after filling the details and submitting them. You can add plug-ins to increase flexibility of the site and reduce the codes used. Some of the plug-ins that may be used includes Hello Dolly and Akismet. Akismet plug-in checks whether the comments and information received is spammed or not. You are able to know which are the spams and take care of them. Hello Dolly is a plug-in that is used in websites to show hope and passion to the process of wordpress enhancement.

There are many more plug-ins other than hello dolly and Akismet that are used to enhance flexibility of your wordpress website. You can access directories of the various plug-ins you may need from the internet and useful print materials from developers.

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