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One of the most amazing features of WordPress is its versatility of flexibility. Unlike some of the other blogging and website applications available, WordPress suits almost every online user regardless of what activity they are engaging in. It can be used perfectly well and with minimum or no complications by bloggers and at the same time, it suits people with commercial websites just fine. If you are an online writer, WordPress will work just fine for you and you are bound to get unique features that compliment your writing based site.
As a writer, choosing a theme for your site is as important as the content you are going to write. The theme you choose will tell a lot about the kind of writing you are doing so make sure you do not choose a theme that discourages potential readers before they have a chance of reading your content. Basically, your chosen theme should give insight to your visitors on what you are writing on.
Most of the sites that give free WordPress themes do not go professional which could pose a challenge when you are settling on a theme for your writing based site. Some of the links that will be offered for download will not even be functional. However, there is no need to worry because there are some professional sites with a surplus of free WordPress themes from which you can choose.

Choosing the right theme for your site should be guided by the content of your site, whether you are specializing on editorials, thoughts and ideas, fiction or any other topic. Settling on a theme that compliments your writing is a fact that cannot be overemphasized. There are various themes from wordpress website that you can choose from such as;

Black-Letter-Head: This is a masculine theme characterized by black background, widget sidebar and customizable header. It is great for journal bloggers or dark stories writers.

Grid Focus: This is a simple theme with a neat layout, white background and three columns. It is appropriate for the daily blogger dwelling on news or editorials. The design is concise and it keeps the reader focused on the content.

Fleur De Lys: This is a classic theme with a light brown and gray scheme for the business blogger.

Rubric: This is a simple theme characterized by an ink pen at the top. For a writer, nothing explains what they do better than this.

Quentin: This is a rustic design with a turn of the 20th century feel.
From Books category section of WordPress themes base, you can get the following themes for your writing based site;

Book Love: This is a theme that mixes images and neutral colors to create a suitable platform for writers with a special love for e-zine or e-zine based blogs.

Dark Mood v2: This theme is characterized by loose papers, a pen and an open notebook and is perfect for modern publishing bloggers.
Books and Imagination: This is a perfect theme for bloggers doing their own fiction stories.

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