Building a static WordPress website

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Static sites are fairly easy to build because they have most of their information constant and they do not need frequent regular updates. When it comes to wordpress, the process is made even easier by the fact that you have access to many free resources that will give you the basic features of your static website without you losing sleep over it. It thus goes without saying that you can never find a better application on which to build your static website and especially one that is focused on simplicity; than WordPress. Here are some step by step processes you can follow to come up with a static WordPress website.

It should be almost obvious that the first thing you need to do is locate a template or a theme that you can use to build your static site. You can get this from Google or any other popular search engine and there are loads of sites that offer free themes and templates. All you need to do is search for ‘Free WordPress Themes’.
Once you have the template, you can customize it to your liking. Usually, static WordPress sites will not require items that a blog needs such as archives and calendars. You can just navigate to your administration panel and then design>widgets to add or subtract the widgets that you want n order to customize the sidebar to your taste.
There are several basic plugins that you will need for your site. One of them is the All in One SEO plug-in for search engine optimization of your site. Other important plugins will include the privacy policy plug-in, and the sitemap plug-in. Adding and registering a Google Sitemap will be very helpful your site in SEO. In case you need affiliate banners or Adsense, you can also add the ads manager plug-in together with an exec php plug-in. Again, these plugins are easily available from Google or the WordPress site. For the latest plug-in, you can type the name of the plug-in and indicate that it is WordPress then navigate to the page for information on the plug-in. You must activate the plugins in your Admin panel in order to use them.
After you are done with the plugins, you can create a page and give it whatever name you like then use the All in One SEO plug-in to add description and keywords to the page. Scroll down to the comments area and ensure you have turned off the “Allow Comments” option as a static site does not need comments.

Use the ‘page order’ area at the bottom of your page to organize your pages. You can use the parent-child structuring to do this. In the Admin panel, go to settings>reading> “front page displays” and then check the static page option. From the front page drop down menu, you can select the page that will be your front page. With these slight customizations, you get yourself a static WordPress website. The key feature in this type of site is the use of pages instead of posts.

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