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WordPress is one of the leading platforms in the market when it comes to blogging. It has clearly cut its niche in the world of blogging pocketing more customers than many of the blogging scripts that have been in the market for a long time. Its popularity is always attributed to its simplicity and flexibility; making it appeal to a wide range of bloggers, even those who do not have a clue what web designing or computer language is all about.

The wordpress blogger is able to appreciate the simplicity of carrying out some of the tasks on their wordpress blog, a feature that you may not find in every other blogging script. This is for example in moving of posts. A blogger may post a particular post and then it becomes a hit gaining a lot of popularity. Of course as the blogger keeps adding more posts, the position of the popular post on the blog will keep going down. The blogger may want to have the particular post on the first position again on their blog. How exactly does the blogger do this without having to duplicate the information?

Well it is pretty easy to move a post in a blog to the rank that you want. Even though there is no plug-in or particular feature that caters for this functionality, you can do this manually in the steps detailed below without taking too long. The first step will be to log on to your WordPress account and navigate to the dashboard. Here, the screen will give you a list of all the available option as well as the contents of your blog. Click ‘posts’ on the left hand panel so that you are able to see all the posts that you have created. From the list of the posts, select the desired post by clicking on it.

Once you have accessed the post that you want to move, locate the ‘Publish’ option to the right of the text, detailing the visibility, status and date of publishing. Change the publishing date by clicking on the ‘Edit’ link to its right and then selecting the month from the drop down menu and the date and time through typing. Once you are content with the new date, click the ‘OK’ option. The new date that you have just input will now appear as the date of publishing of the particular post. Proceed to click the option named ‘Update’ just below the ‘Publish’ section in order to retain the modification that you have just made. Once you are through with this process, you can go to the public section of your blog to confirm that the time and date has been changed. The new time and date will be used to place the post in its new and recent position. This method can interfere with your search engine indexing due to the change of date but you do not need to worry because search engine spiders will soon find the post and index t again if your blog is well linked.

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