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The phone industry has undergone a major revolution from the days of the first phone which were connected by wires to the days of booths in which you had to insert some coins to be able to make a call. After that came the mobile phone industry which has grown by leaps and bounds. Indeed, gone are those days when the only purpose of a mobile phone was to make and receive calls or send messages.

Nowadays, mobile phones are trendy and they are slowly evolving into their own computer phones. First there were feature phones which saw the incorporation of internet on mobile phones. More recently smart phones have evolved that contain their own operating systems as well as ipads and iphones. Indeed it is clear that the role of mobile phones has been redefined and if your WordPress site is not optimized for mobile phones, you could be losing out on a lot of traffic. Here is some mobile phone software that will be vital for your WordPress blog.
For iPhones and iPod Touch, you can use WordPress for iOS, iblogger and Blogpress. WordPress for iOS will allow you to your iPhone or iPod Touch blog to edit pages upload pictures and manage blog comments. iBlogger will allow you to manage pictures, labeling and classification on your iPhone 3G and iPod Touch while Blogpress will allow access to mainstream blog platforms such as WordWress and support it to set labels and categories and publish dates among other things.
Blackberry mobile phones can use WordPress for Blackberry which is compatible with almost all Blackberry devices such as Curve, 8700, Bold, Pearl and Storm. The software will support WordPress 2.5.1 onwards while the Blackberry device will require to have version 4.2.1 or later. The software will support blog writing, managing comments on the blog and editing the blog pages.

The Android phone will require software such as wpToGo and PostBot. wpToGo software will enable your Android device to manage your WordPress blog. It offers numerous features such as the ability to log in from multiple accounts to edit the blog title, labels, the various categories and the content. It also offers you the opportunity to upload tons of pictures and thumbnails in addition to being able to modify the thumbnail sizes. PostBot on the other hand is an application or software that allows you independent blogging in WordPress.com and also self published log.

Microsoft Windows mobile has software such as moBlog that is a windows mobile 2003 and later WordPress supporting software and MobiBlogr which is a free blog program for editing articles and uploading pictures. The Nokia phone with Symbian S60 will need Wordmobi to mange WordPress. It can also use Scribe software to add, edit or publish articles or Wavelog to add or edit anything on your blog.

Java supporting phones can do with Mopress to publish anything on a blog. There are some plug-ins you can install to enhance mobile phone functionality on your WordPress blog such as Wphone and m.wordpress.com. These plug-ins will make mobile phones compatible with your WordPress blog.

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